Чёрный пояс по кулинарии — могу убить одной печенькой
Здесь хранится любовно мной перепечатанные новости с полей о текущих работах Акино Мацури. Вязта эта красота из 6 тома нового издания ПСоХ, на английском языке.

Note: Those two pages were taken from the Petshop of Horrors Bunko vol 6, but I decided to include them here :P

Thanks every one! The "Petsop" bunko has just one more volume to go. The last sprint! Okay, now for some advertising about the manga Akino's currently working on! (Being frank.) Let's see. Right now, Akino's having a series called "Genjuu no Seiza" serialized in Akita Shoten's monthly magazine, Susperia Mystery. Story: The protagonist is a Japainese middle-school boy, who's said to be the reincarnation of the ruler of Darshaal, an illusory country in Central Asia. Several of his close associates, such as Garuda, Naaga, and a kirin also make various appearances.

Changing the subject, after end of serialization of "Petshop", in search of his next place of business, Count D made appearances in a certain city in Italia and one in Germany (Come to think of it, were they recording those stories in the bunko? Whren't they? Eh? You didn't ask!? Well. Whatever.), but currently, what do you know, he's in Japan. And in Odaiba, yet! Whether his not appearing anywhere near Yokohama's Chinatown is confuse the mind of his protozoan pursuer, or simply bacause it's convenient for his rounds of the department stories', dessert basements, remains a mystery. Will Leon really cach up with the Count?! Akino has no idea about all of this, either. (Laught.)

So, the other day, the High Priest of Darshaal and his retinue visited the Petshop in Odaiba (see the specially drawn pages at the end of "Genjuu no Seiza" volume 4). The Count seemed tj take quite a liking to the little monkey Hanuumaan, and keep offering sweets to pull him into the shop somehow. He bent an ear to the one responsible for the company, Garuda. General Genrou, His Holines the High Priest and T-chan, brought together by their munual nasty looks, were able to warm up to each other quickly from the looks of the conversation, and the sight of the three kirin, each with the damage potential of ten nuclear bombs, companionably taking tea together, was quite heartwarming.

Just one more thing. In Bunka Company's Horror-M special publication, a manga called "The Philosopher's Stone" series is presently, as of January'03, on sale up through Volume 3. This one is set in Medieval Europe, where a young alchemist named Lorenzo travels around seeking the hidden treasure of immortality, "The Elixir", and in his travels here and there sticks his nesk into various incidents. Each chapter is a complete story. It's conceivably possible that Count D's Great-great-great (to the nth power) grandfather might make an appearance sometime in the future. Interested parties, please look out for this one as well.
From here on out, I will be trotting around taking challenges in various fields, happen to catch sight of those and pick them up, I'd be much obliged.
- Akino Matsuri

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